About Apple Street Kennels

  • Located in the rural area of Upper Swan still local to the Perth City!
  • All dog(s) runs/kennels have automatic water bowls.
  • All our runs/kennels/water bowls are cleaned daily whilst your dogs are being walked and exercised.
  • Walks are 10-15 min walk around our 5 acre block.
  • With boarding over 14 nights dog(s) will receive a Complimentary Bath.
  • Kennel Viewing from Mon to  Sat 8AM till  12PM
  • All medicines are administered at no extra cost!


Large/Medium Dogs:

We have two separate spacious areas with runs/kennels for your dog(s). They all have their own hammock beds with fresh blankets daily.


Small Dogs:

We have three areas for your small dog(s) Sally’s, Pluggers and Nuggets. They all have generous sized runs and fenced grassed areas for the little ones to stretch their legs.


Exercise Yards:

We have four large fenced exercise yards which are grassed and highly maintained. Dogs are let out into exercise areas for 30 mins and during cleaning.

(Depending on weather conditions)