About Apple Street Kennels

  • Located in the rural area of Upper Swan still local to the Perth City!
  • All dog(s) runs/kennels have automatic water bowls.
  • All our runs/kennels/water bowls are cleaned daily whilst your dogs are being walked and exercised.
  • Walks are 10-15 min walk around our 5 acre block.
  • With boarding over 14 nights dog(s) will receive a Complimentary Bath.
  • Kennel Viewing from Mon to  Sat 8AM till  12PM
  • All medicines are administered at no extra cost!


Large/Medium Dogs:

We have two separate spacious areas with runs/kennels for your dog(s). They all have their own hammock beds with fresh blankets daily.


Small Dogs:

We have three areas for your small dog(s) Sally’s, Pluggers and Nuggets. They all have generous sized runs and fenced grassed areas for the little ones to stretch their legs.


Exercise Yards:

We have six large fenced exercise yards which are grassed and highly maintained. Dogs are let out into exercise areas from between 45 mins – 2 hours depending on busy times. They are rotated multiple times during the day.

(Depending on weather conditions)









  •   Chelsea has a passion for working with all types of animals, she lives on a farm with cattle and has always had all types of animals growing up. She has been working at the kennels for 6 years and has a great passion & love for dogs. She is qualified in dog training and behaviour by achieving her certificate III in dog behaviour and training through the NDTF (National Dog Training Federation).
  • She has three dogs of her own  a Labrador, Wolfhound & German Shepard  which are socialised with “new” day-care members for a safe comfortable introduction.




  • Sadie is one of our well experienced kennel hands, she does a lot of the socialising & caring for the dogs. Sadie spends her days at the kennels with your dogs cleaning up after them, washing their runs and bedding, getting them exercised and checking they are happy & healthy daily. Sadie again is very passionate towards dogs growing up in England with her family boxer & German Shepard. She now has her own three Rottweilers that also come to day-care for socialising and exposure.
  • Sadie is also qualified in dog training and behaviour by achieving her certificate III in dog behaviour and training through the NDTF (National Dog Training Federation)


  • Aly has been obsessed with dogs since a young age, she has grown up with them and has rescued her own lovely bulldog. She is also once the our kennel hands and also social media photographer. She gets all the lovely photos of your special dogs whilst staying here at the kennels. 
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  • Katie has been working at the kennels for 8 years now, she has had experience working in a vets as a nurse assistant and is more than capable caring & helping dogs that come in with special requirements or difficult medication administering.  Katie does the dog walking & exercising around the kennels, making sure that all dogs are getting enough quality and fun exercise during the day.
  • Katie also does the hydro baths making sure your dogs are cleaning, soft & brushed on return after their fun trip from boarding or day-care!
  • She has 3 dogs of her own, 2 Rottweilers and a chihuahua all which were rescued, she is happy to always help & assist for dogs in need of extra care and willing to take them on to help.


  • Buster is the lovely property guard dog, he is one you all probably see roaming around happy minding his own business. Buster spends most of his days sleeping and relaxing